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About Elijah Academy

(Advanced Modules)
School of Theology and Christian Ministry

Elijah Academy is a School of Theology and a practical/supernatural School of Christian Ministry.

  • Elijah Academy (Advanced Modules) consists of 5 modules as listed below:

  • Module 1 - Topical Bible Studies

  • Module 2 - Bibliology (Genesis to Revelation)

  • Module 3 - World Religions & Evangelism

  • Module 4 - Christian Maturity & Ministry

  • Module 5 - Eschatology (Study of the End-Times)

There is a sermons guidebook for Module 5, available for purchase in church or online at ARC Store.



  • Feature Topic on Creation

  • Discipleship – Following Jesus

  • The Bible – Word of God

  • The Nature of God – Essence of the Trinity

  • Christology – The Person of Jesus Christ

  • Pneumatology – The Holy Spirit

  • The Doctrine of Man

  • Regeneration of the Spirit

  • The Identity and Call of Christians

  • The Elementary Principles

  • The Doctrine of Sin

  • Redemption: Grace and Forgiveness

  • The Dynamics of Praise and Worship

  • The Dynamics of Prayer

  • Hearing God’s Voice

  • The Kingdom Church​​

​Module 1 – Topical Bible Studies, is the first of five modules in the curriculum of Elijah Academy, a School of Theology and a practical/supernatural School of Christian Ministry under Asia Revival Centre's kingdom equipping and empowering courses.

Module 1 of Elijah Academy is a Topical Bible Studies or better known as Systematic Theology. It is an in-depth expository of specific topics which are fundamental and relevant to our Christian faith with applications of truth and biblical principles for sound doctrine and sound living as a child of God.

The exegesis of each topic is done in a manner to help the disciple build a strong foundation as well as making rooms for revelations and relevancy to a kingdom culture; so that there will be a consistency of growth and maturity in each disciple as they embark on the discourse of this module.


  • A precise and essential study of all 66 books of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

  • Feature Topic on: The Ark & The Flood


  • Understanding the roots and deficiency of world religions.​

  • Evangelism – The Purpose and The Power of the Gospel.

  • Feature Topic on: Angels and Demons

  • World Religion: Biblical Worldview

  • Cults and False Christianity

  • Atheism and Evolutionism

  • Animism

  • Buddhism and Taoism

  • Catholicism

  • Hinduism

  • New Age & Occultism

  • Evangelism: The Heart and the Harvest

  • Sharing the Good News is Becoming the Good News


  • Feature Topic on: Walking in the Supernatural

  • Maturity Equals Discipleship

  • Knowing God…and Making Him Known

  • The Spiritual Life – Hearing & Obeying God

  • The Heart Matters

  • Fruits Before Gifts

  • The Seven “M’s” of Christian Ministry

  • The Church and the Kingdom of God

  • Defining Identity and Calling

  • Christian Ministry

  • Anointing and Annoying

  • Holy Spirit – The Power of God

  • The Living Incense – Prayer & Worship


  • Unveiling the Book of Revelation

  • Rapture & Tribulation

  • The Coming King of Glory

  • The Millennium Reign

  • The End-Time World System

  • The Triune Evil

  • Judgment & The Wrath of God

  • ...and many more essential topics

Shalom and greetings in the name of the King of kings,

              This is a brief introduction on Elijah Academy, on the reason for the name Elijah and the significance of this academy. I was in Borneo some years ago and during a powerful Holy Spirit manifestation during the night meeting, the Lord spoke to me about raising up a generation of Spirit-filled believers who will walk in signs and wonders, repairing broken altars of worship, and drawing heavenly fire unto the altars. It is about empowering and commissioning a generation who will revive and transform lives, communities, cities and even nations.

              Malachi 4:5 says that God will restore the mantle of Elijah to the last generation before the second coming of the Lord, and this academy is the melting pot and the "brewing" fire crucible for lives to be transformed, equipped, empowered, and endorsed with the anointing to do the greater works which Christ promised we will do in John 14:12. It is raising up a generation who will be regenerated to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ - Ephesians 4:13, and walking as carriers of the glory of God's presence to become witnesses to the world as the name Elijah which simply means "The Lord is God" or more precisely, "My God is Yahweh" suggested.

              ​Elijah Academy is both a Bible School as well as a practical/supernatural School of Christian Ministry where participants will be taught "classroom theology" on the foundational truth, doctrines and underlying principals of ministry, and apply Scriptures into real life application as well as practical exposure to supernatural ministry under the anointing and gifts of the Holy Spirit. The Academy will be held in three terms yearly with each term lasting for 2 to 3 months and a month's break at the end of each term.

In Christ's love,
Terence Jedidiah Poh

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