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Feasting in the Spirit (Authored by Terence Jedidiah Poh)


About the Book:
This book bears many similarities to the writing of scriptures where men were divinely inspired to put into paper what was in the mind of God, it holds an assortment of delightful ingredients; the preparation was splendid though hurried as the duration rode on accelerated grace, the brewing temperature was hot and passionate, and the stirring was by the cool and steady hand of the Holy Spirit.

What makes me venture with the Spirit in this book was divinely instigated as I have embarked on a journey of consecration since the day He saved me. Another valid reason why such a book on consecration and feasting in the Spirit was written is that what has been supposedly the norm of Christianity today has differed horrendously from the normalcy of the early church at the dawn of its era. Instead of becoming mighty and powerful in Christ, the Church has become miserable and pitiful having settled for the ashes of religiosity instead of the fire of relational intimacy. 

Hence, the goal and purpose of this book are to create an insatiable hunger within the reader, a hunger that goes beyond the natural longing for food, a hunger for more of God and more of the Spirit.

Feasting in the Spirit - Digital File

  • Terence Jedidiah Poh was called supernaturally into the ministry through numerous encounters with God. He is a prophetic watchman who ministers under the powerful anointing of the Holy Spirit and the tangible presence of God’s glory. Terence Jedidiah is the founder and director of Tongues of Fire International, as well as a revival catalyst for the nations. He has been passionately seeking God in knowing His heart, and making His heart known.

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