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Elijah Academy Module 5 on Eschatology

Study of the End-Times 

(Authored by Terence Jedidiah Poh)


About the Guidebook:

Module Five of Elijah Academy is Eschatology, the study of the end-times, which is a thoroughly condensed, enlightening, and empowering module tailored for those who desire to grow in their maturity and ministry in alignment with end-times events and eschatological scriptures. This module helps every believer in both their understanding and realization of what is already happening and of what is about to happen in accordance with end-times prophetic passages in the Word of God through the illumination of the Holy Spirit and to be equipped and empowered for effective and fruitful ministry and servitude for Christ.

There are perhaps thousands of books and teachings on the end-times, some are great and edifying materials while sadly, most are scripturally invalid and illegitimate because of either erroneous interpretations or imbalanced application. Hence, with this as a cautionary note, this module takes utmost precaution and applies strict biblical interpretative tools to present an exemplary work that is rooted in scriptures and Rhema through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the Author, and the Illuminator of eschatological events Himself.

This module is not dogmatic, we do not impose nor assert authority that our eschatological doctrine is the only one that is right, but we present optimistic suggestions which are biblically aligned and theologically grounded. We are pragmatic in the sense that we are guided by practical experiences and observation of what is already happening and highlighting the fulfillment of certain prophecies rather than just teaching mere theories or speculations.

For growth and practicality, there is a Personal Reflection section at the end of each chapter for principle and application. This sets the theme for a good and relevant scholarship, both by interacting with the written text in this workbook with deep contemplation and daily application as well as constant fellowship and alliance with the Holy Spirit as our Advocate, Partner, and Teacher. Finally, the themes and the principle in every topic are done in a manner to help the student build a strong foundation as well as to make room for revelations and relevancy to a kingdom culture; so that there will be a consistency of growth and maturity in each student as they embark on the discourse of this module.

Elijah Academy (Module 5) - Digital File

  • Terence Jedidiah Poh was called supernaturally into the ministry through numerous encounters with God. He is a prophetic watchman who ministers under the powerful anointing of the Holy Spirit and the tangible presence of God’s glory. Terence Jedidiah is the founder and director of Tongues of Fire International, as well as a revival catalyst for the nations. He has been passionately seeking God in knowing His heart, and making His heart known.

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