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School of Revival (Authored by Terence Jedidiah Poh)


About the Book:
This book is a must-read for those who desire revivals!

I believe good things happen in good places at good timing to good people, and all these were the platforms where God spoke to us vividly while we were fasting and praying about a generation of Spirit-filled believers in this new kingdom era of glory who will walk in signs and wonders, repairing broken altars of prayer and worship, drawing heavenly fire unto those altars…and becoming catalysts of revivals!

This book is a heralding call to re-dig the wells of revivals, of great moves of the Lord in history and to re-write them to become His Story. It is a commissioning of gatekeepers to lift up their heads to heaven and become everlasting doorways or gates for the King of Glory to come and to roll the red carpet of His Majesty to reign.

The School of Revival is designed as an essential manual to enlighten, equip, and empower everyone in becoming a catalyst to ignite revivals, to nourish, and to steward revivals.

School of Revival - Digital File

  • Terence Jedidiah Poh was called supernaturally into the ministry through numerous encounters with God. He is a prophetic watchman who ministers under the powerful anointing of the Holy Spirit and the tangible presence of God’s glory. Terence Jedidiah is the founder and director of Tongues of Fire International, as well as a revival catalyst for the nations. He has been passionately seeking God in knowing His heart, and making His heart known.

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