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The Bridal Quest - A Love Pilgrimage (Authored by Terence Jedidiah Poh)


Author's Appetizer:
The book you are holding is a prophetic manual and Scriptural guide for those who desire to pursue God, it is a key to unlock a pilgrimage quest for an intimate communion with God, those who turn its pages will not turn their faces till they behold Him!

This book is an invitation to go into the deep waters of intimate encounters with the Lord, and He is able to make the deep waters shallow enough for a child to tread on, so come and walk with Him, in Him, and to Him, on the waters of intimacy and let His breeze carry you deeper upon the waves of glory.

I am my Beloved...and my Beloved is mine!

The Bridal Quest - A Love Pilgrimage - Book

  • Terence Jedidiah Poh was called supernaturally into the ministry through numerous encounters with God. He is a prophetic watchman who ministers under the powerful anointing of the Holy Spirit and the tangible presence of God’s glory. Terence Jedidiah is the founder and director of Tongues of Fire International, as well as a revival catalyst for the nations. He has been passionately seeking God in knowing His heart, and making His heart known.

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